Justice League of America, Vol. 2 #48A cover art

Justice League of America, Vol. 2 #48A

DC Comics

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Justice League of America, Vol. 2 #48A

Brightest Day - The Dark Things, Part Five / Cogs, Part 3

Release: Aug 25, 2010
Cover: Aug 2010



Action, Adventure, Super-Heroes
Modern Age | Color | USA | English


Written by JAMES ROBINSON Art by MARK BAGLEY, ROB HUNTER & NORM RAPMUND Cover by MARK BAGLEY & JESUS MERINO 1:10 White Lantern Variant cover by RYAN SOOK, FERNANDO PASARIN & JOEL GOMEZ The BRIGHTEST DAY continues with a shocking connection to the White Light in part five of the JLA/JSA crossover! It's the grand finale of this team-up, and it's chock-full of revelations as the greatest threat to the Earth may not be Alan Scott or the chaotic energy of the Starheart, but one of the other members! Plus, don't miss the second feature starring Cyborg, whose goal of restoring Red Tornado's body becomes a battle to save the android's sanity as the madness of the Starheart engulfs them. Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information. On sale AUGUST 25 ? 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US


Writer James Robinson
Penciller Mark Bagley, Pow Rodrix
Inker Norm Rapmund, Derek Fridolfs, Don Ho, Ruy José, Rich Perrotta, Rob Hunter
Colorist Ulises Arreola, Zarathus
Letterer Rob Leigh
Cover Penciller Mark Bagley
Cover Inker Jesus Merino
Cover Colorist Nei Ruffino
Editor Eddie Berganza, Adam Schlagman, Rex Ogle


Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
Faust (Sebastian Faust)
Cyborg (Victor Stone)
Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore)
Hourman (Rick Tyler)
Wildcat (Tom Bronson)
Citizen Steel (Nathan Heywood)
Atom Smasher (Albert Rothstein)
Donna Troy
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
Mr. Terrific (Michael Holt)
Wildcat (Ted Grant)
Judomaster (Sonia Sato)
Flash (Jay Garrick)
Lightning (Jennifer Pierce)
Jesse Quick (Jesse Chambers)
Obsidian (Todd Rice)
Jade (Jennie-Lynn Hayden)
Starman (Tomas Mikaal)
Batman (Dick Grayson)
Dr. Fate (Kent V. Nelson)
Congorilla (William 'Congo Bill' Glenmorgan)
Red Tornado (John Smith)
Power Girl (Karen Starr)
Dr. Mid-Nite (Pieter Cross)
Supergirl (Kara Zor-El / Linda Lang)
Mr. America (Jeff Graves)

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