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Saucer Country #10

DC Comics

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Saucer Country #10

The Reticulan Candidate, Conclusion

Release: Dec 12, 2012
Cover: Feb 2013




Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mature, Science Fiction
Modern Age | Color | USA | English


Arcadia's team finds itself under siege at the Democrat candidate's debate in Las Vegas, Michael finds himself wondering what's real and what he's capable of, and Kidd discovers the secrets behind the men in black, all in part two of three of 'The Reticulan Candidate.'


Writer Paul Cornell
Artist Ryan Kelly
Colorist Lee Loughridge, Giulia Brusco
Letterer Sal Cipriano
Cover Artist Ryan Kelly
Editor Will Dennis, Mark Doyle


Arcadia Alvarado
Joshua Kidd
Chloe Saunders
Fausto Aguila
Harry Brooks

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